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domingo, agosto 01, 2010

Fire On The Rocks nº 44

Seguem os links para download do "Fire On The Rocks" nº 44, apresentado no dia 01/08 pela RWULP.

Fire On The Rocks nº 44 - Playlist

01- Indukti: "Freder"
02- Fates Warning: "River Wide Ocean Deep"
03- Farflung: "Vision of Infinity"
04- Ayreon: "To the Solar System"
05- Brazen Abbot: "Mr. Earthman"
06- Fastway: "Easy Livin'"
07- Ace Frehley: "Speedin' Back to my Baby"
08- Company Of Snakes: "Ride, Ride, Ride, Run, Run,Run"
09- Molly Hatchet: "Safe in my Skin"
10- Slash: "Ain't Life Grand"
11- John Norum: "Let it Shine"
12- Brant Bjork: "The Future Rock (We Got It)"
13- Blindstone: "Rise Above"
14- Stone Temple Pilots: "Sex Type Thing"
15- Sebastian Bach: "You Don't Understand"
16- Faith No More: "Zombie Eaters"
17- Anthrax: "Ball of Confusion"
18- Therapy?: "Screamager"
19- Flotsam & Jetsam: "Swatting the Flies"
20- Grip Inc.: "Rusty Nail"
21- Clutch: "Black Umbrella"
22- Orange Goblin: "Just Got Paid"
23- Nightstalker: "Silver Shark"
24- Stonewall Noise Orchestra: "The Showdown"
25- Wo Fat: "Company Man"

Fire On The Rocks nº 44 na íntegra

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Sara_Evil disse...

Grato, Fire ta no Ipod.